dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

30 Days Anime meme cont'd

7 days behind! lol
but that's counting today so...

Day 8 – Most epic scene ever

Well i just don't know. There can't be just one, now can there? Maybe if i had only seen one show, then maybe.

Day 9 – Saddest anime scene

Too many? I'll do a picSpam for this one. Lots of shows have sad parts (@__@)

Day 10 – Favourite slice of life anime

do i watch those?

Day 11 – Favourite mech series

so... is 'mech' slang for mecha? I'm really thinking who ever created this meme had a screw lose, no offence...

Day 12 – An ecchi picture from your Favourite series

I choose to not post this...

Day 13 – Cosplay of your ‘waifu’ or husband’

I do not repost cosplay pics, since it's not nice to steal.

Day 14 – Current (or most recent) anime wallpaper

currently it's Gozu & Mezu from Nura no mago...

by ~headstro on deviantART

so in short.. 9 & 10 i'll try to do tomorrow cuz suddenly i'm very sleepy...
Tags: anime: nuraihyon no mago, chara: gozumaru, chara: mezumaru, meme: 30days

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