dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

need to go to bed...

debating on doing the red on Akira's eyes. I dunno. Seems weird, but he does sport that feature in the anime as well.
colours are not set yet, btw.

i have an alt-face i may use instead of this one for Akira. glancing to the right and blushing (our right, not his) mouth is different too. I suppose it all depends if i wanna do his eyes again lol

that twishit moment that lasted like 8-10mins was not cool. I may drop this series. I'm bored to death. (no pun). However if Sebastian Roche returns i'll be sure to guess spot watch. *hint*hint* (i plan on trying to catch his return to general hospital as Jerry Jax, aka as many eps of the worst soap ever as i can stand lol) Also SPN has some of the worst vampire designs i've ever seen. Although i did enjoy Amber Benson as one, just cause she's that cool.
Tags: actor: sebastian roche, anime: togainu no chi, tv: supernatural

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