dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

it was artbook day, two days this past week...

Via CDJapan's airmail  Chayamachi Chiral Works artbook arrived.
Then via CDJapan's SAL (shipped well before btw) Kuroshitsuji Final Record arrived

I love Togainu no chi btw.
I know i haven't been spazzing much about anime or anything, but I'm completely up-to-date on this series.
I'm blaming those 4am wake-ups. afterwards you are just so damned tired you can't do much else.and then it's time for bed again suddenly.

i mean really... where has the year gone?

Okay so.... barring too expensive items.. anyone have any Togain no Chi merch? (not including you know pullouts etc from j-mags i buy lol)

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