dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

so last nite...

apparently i can't sleep while listening to doctor who musics. It's fact x 5bilion now!

not just for new music either. -____-
or maybe i just could sleep in general? No that could be it. I was tried, i trly was.I had to turn off Iceman. u__u It was sad.

and omg it's 13c out! that's higher than the low for "tonight" although it's monday now environment Canada... for me anyway. It was one of those abnormal lows, where the high for the day was 5c, and the low 12c. Normally so the low would in fact be lower than the high. XD Tuesday will be similar with a high of 6, and a low of 11.... isn't weather hard enough to figure out?
I don't want to jinx myself, but i think it's finally gonna snow on friday!!!

Current favs:
DISC 2 - The End of Time
We Shall Fare Well
A Dream of Catastrophe
All in the Balance
Final Days
A Lot of Life Behind Us
Four Knocks
Song for Ten (Reprise)

work time! must flee!
Tags: composer: murray gold, life, tv: doctor who

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