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dark-alone [userpic]

o__________________________o whut?

November 24th, 2010 (08:28 pm)

mood: blank
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okay so me dad talked sometime while i was rewatching Doctor who water of mars, or the Water on Mars, or whatevers it may be called.

well it would seem a couple weeks back my Grandma fell getting out of her car. She's 76 for those wondering. She hurt her back, i guess. And although i understand the not going to the hospital thing as i'm like that too, however me Grams is on kidney dialyzes, and what not ya know (or not, i can't remember if i posted about that or not.). Well then i guess she stopped eating! And then last nite she got up to use the toilet (i guess, which is kinda gross imo, has a port-a-poddy in her bedroom cuz the machine she's hooked up to over nite cord's not long enough to reach the real toilet) and then she didn't have enough strength to get up off of it. She fell  off... dragged herself across the floor.. ripped off a toenail even!and then finally (did i mention that she lives in a house with her Daughter, husband and son?) Gord heard her cries for flippin' help, and came downstairs helped her into bed. The next morning took her to the hospital. Now of all things they are talking about putting her in a home!

She doesn't need a nursing home! She lives in the lower lvl area of a house with my fucking Aunt, Uncle and son!  I'm sorry but that was a bad idea from the start! She pays for the electricity! She pays for all the food! Last i heard the only thing they pay for is the GAS. Her mind is sound. She doesn't need to be put in a home to be cared for. My Aunt says she's tired of looking after Grams. BS> she does nothing! Donna does it all. (oldest of the sibs)

My Uncle Laverne on my Mom's side, is well... i mean he's in great health and all that, but his mind isn't that great.  So My mom, and her sister Elaine are trying to figure out where he should go. I mean his house is a good distance from the Clinton, and winter is coming and all that. But he lives alone. With no car. This isn't the case with my Dad's Mom. I don't like this shit at all.

time to change the topic.

Tuesday after work, i managed to survive with only running into the side of one bed, and hitting my hand on something... it was at home that it would get me... Sebby.... Sebby is as hard as a rock. He FRELLING tripped me! I did manage to save myself from face planting on the floor by uses the love seat, but my toes!!! big toe, and the 2 next to it are slightly bruised. Hoping shoes won't be to painful tomorrow for work...

ah what a life...


soubi_no_kissu ... where are you?


Posted by: Veritas et Aequitas (silenzii)
Posted at: November 25th, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)

Nursing homes are no good in your country?
I had two grand-aunties who moved to nursing homes when they couldn't live alone anymore. It's expensive but at least is like living in a big good hotel. They had medical assistance 24/7 with doctors and nurses, they made several friends because the place is filled with people at their age, they had lots of nice things in their private rooms like TV, plants, books, pictures, so they didn't felt in a nursing home but at a place that resembled their own houses.
Specially when the person have health issues I think is a good deal because they have medical assistance and a professional to help them to take bath, wash and dry their hairs, etc.
Both my aunties liked to live there, we kept visiting them all the time. My auntie Helena (she was 85 when she went to a nursing home and she died with 93) even got a boyfriend there! :)
I think sometimes is much better than live with the family because nobody complain to have to take care of an old person and because the person have good treatment: balanced meals, clean rooms, medical care, lots of things to entertain and even go to excursions.
At least, that's how it is here.

Posted by: dark-alone (dark_alone)
Posted at: November 25th, 2010 02:08 am (UTC)
Jun look

ah well here it's like signing a death notice for many. :/

Space is limited also in small towns. Even just looking into it slightly for my Uncle Laverne one place that was semi private (2 per room) would cost $2000 / month. He can't afford that. So of the ppl and i'm sorry but they just sit around yelling all day. Like my My mom's cousin's mom she has Alzheimer's and just keeps yelling out 'I want my Mommy!' 24/7.

But a lot of the things you said above i think would be good for my Uncle, but it's not so for my Grandma.

Posted by: Veritas et Aequitas (silenzii)
Posted at: November 25th, 2010 02:32 am (UTC)

It's unbelievably expensive. I think my auntie's home cost about 500$/month, it was cheaper than rent an apartment.
I hope your family find a good solution for the issue. =/

Posted by: Because loving ONE Seki-sama isn't good enough! (sekitx2)
Posted at: November 25th, 2010 03:27 am (UTC)

Yes, soubi doko??? =(

She needs relatives who give a damn ~___~ And she has her own free will so she better not let the kids move her into a home.

Edited at 2010-11-25 03:31 am (UTC)

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