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okay first was the share-age locked post, now the life blah blah blahba entry.

Okay so my Grandma a a slipped disc, or a broken one, or whatever it is the disc in your back do to be a pain in the well back i guess.
My aunt and uncle whom she lives with are away on vacation. That's right, you heard right. They left last Friday, for Mexico (were supposed to be at the place that you know blew up not too long ago). Anyways, my grams has to stay basically in bed for at least 6 weeks. There's a worker person who comes in everyday to clean her up (about 1 hr), my Aunt Donna is staying over at least until the useless bastards return. My Aunt Nancey (married to my Dad's bro David) who currently isn't working, is also helping out. My dad bought my grams something to help her get on and off the toilet easier, specially so since she's so weak, with the not eating and all. They are also mincing her foods so she well eat something at least. As if you do not eat your body eats away your muscles or something, which is gross.

other news... that i don't think i said yet... My cousin Michelle is pregnant again. Due June 14th. I've talked about Michelle before, she's Lois' daughter from her first marriage. Gord was absolutely horrible to her. I remember when she was still living with them that her bed got bought by Alex (brother - Gord's kid) and she wanted a new bed, which is understandable, but they wouldn't get one. She actually lived at Grams home for many years, until she moved in with Pat (husband).

Work news....
Carmen fractured her foot! I don't know all the details but she was playing football... err soccer (damned Giant Killing) and injured it. she said (this info was via an email or 5 to Wendy N) she cried even due to the pain, and that's never happened. She put ice on it, and then on Monday went to the hospital to get x-rays... She's in a cast now. Who knows when she'll get back... So it would seem i'll be getting more hrs now, but it's also hell time. I mean xmas isn't that far away. also more 4am wake-ups -____- Also i'm now responsible for the entire upstairs: Linens, Housewares, unpacking of China, Kids, and Lingerie... @____@ SAVE ME!!!

And-- And-- and! the ceiling tried to fall on me! well i mean if i hadn't went to get Jamie it would have -__- Oh Yes! leaking on the appliances is a great thing! This was on Monday. I get in there today and there were 3x the buckets, and 2 wrecked tiles. Also another drip closer to central cash. A couple weeks back there was a major leak downstairs in ladies dresses. At least 40 totes catching the water there.
Not working tomorrow hope all goes well. You know... w/o me... and other3 others doing the truck... Wendy, Debbie & Anne.
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