dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

okay it's december and i haven't posted yet

so here i am...

but i don't have much to say lol

I did buy some Gluten-free items today. Cookie Mix, rice cereal (rice krispies w/o the malt), and some lemon sugar cookies already made.
as mentioned before a friend, Mary anne had celiac disease and it won't be nice to make food she can't eat, ya know ^^ Also got some more mirin. Finally. I love the stuff but it's become really hard to find in this city. :/ But we finally got down to the Covent Garden Market, and one of the at least 3 asian food places had it. Bought 2 of them. XD

About to watch the series 3 finale of merlin!


soubi_no_kissu  where are you?
Tags: celiac disease, life

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