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srsly google "London Ontario" & click on 'news' you may see things like:

London, Ontario plans to pull buses off the streets due to massive snowfall
London asks other cities to help dig out
Near emergency-level snowfall in London, Ont.

more snow overnight and at least until tomorrow afternoon....
Public Transit buses will not be running again until Thursday.
Not sure what this will mean for businesses.

The 3 big malls in the city closed at 1pm today. My store at White Oaks was closing at 2pm. I stupidly went to work today. >________>
Got home safely at least. 6am - 12pm shift. Well 6:10am.. i was late. XD we got stuck.. well first the doors were frozen and we couldn't get in the car.... later we got stuck at the end of Taylor street, other motorists helped free us... and this was during a light snow fall (@___@)

anyways i do not work tomorrow, and if i did i wouldn't be going in.
My mom hasn't been to work all week, i'm including tomorrow.
Yesterday White Oaks mall closed at 5pm; The Bay at 6pm.
No school for anyone of any age this week yet.

i'll post some pics laters.
gotta make supper.

Tags: life, weather

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