dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

LJ TOS was updated

and we are all 'huh? what's missing?"
updated? okay then...
where's the big bang i was semi hearing about?

moving on...

next time i'll type in code and no one will be able to read what i say and i'll be safe? no way.
also locking posts doesn't matter. that's what i learned via a link posted in the update entry via comment.
that was awesome. Also very very scary in terms of what was written there. Also surprised the comment hasn't been removed.

gods... hands are freezing!
no snow storm in sight for the beginning of this week! wooHoo! first time in 2 weeks. that's right 2 WEEKS

oh senko no... umm w/e i need to finish watching that! Te ED just came on my playlist... and i remembered. XD

Last thursday during break we were talking about cellphones, and i stupidly said mine was dying.. so what does it do? It dies!
so i gots a new one... and i can't get a self made ringtone on it T_________T i hate you bell/samsung/whoever is to blame for this!
or it could just be the fact that cell reception here is awful and "d/ling" self made ringtone from a site is impossible...

it's a Samsung Entro btw...
so there goes my cell shaped very muchly like one in LOVELESS. >___>'''
It's active, but there's no display. T_____T
the Entro is a touch screen... it's weird, and i assume won't last 5+ yrs. there's no way.

work times this week (currently):
mon: 6am-12pm
tues: d/o
wed-thurs: 6am-12pm
fri: 11am-5:30pm (yes that's right i'm working christmas eve til 5:30pm!)

it's at my grams, well it's at home here first but later it's at my Grams outside of Palmerston.
So in the fact that i'm working til 5:30pm on the eve means i need to get everything i'm needing for the day waaay before. i heard i'm desert bringing. Really? wtf can i bring? i was gonna do sugar cookies (bake 'em and used cookie cutters etc), but really i'm be tired. stuck at The Bay (department store yo) on xmas eve til past closing (i assume we close at 5pm) doing god knows what while last minute shoppers storm us!
Also pay day is on the 24th.. that's useful...
The Bay's site like a few others seems to be incapable of posting holiday hours. why? prolly cuz they don't know how too.
Tags: life

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