dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

She's on all the time. i can't get away from her

more importantly she can't say a single thing nice about me and goes out of her way to attack me.

that's a bitch, isn't it?


and then when i do semi try to defend myself miss Sarah 'Bitch' Farrow (aka Bu-chan, Sazzy etc.) calls me a bitch and attacks harder... okay. sure.
thanks for making the end of 2010 suck more.

i can find another word for her a bully.
as if living thru that in grade school wasn't enough to srsly fuck me up.

she's not on the chan right now, but no one really is.

did i mention she and a few others who don't live on the chan like her, think making fun of others etc etc is just sooo cool and a joke, when in fact they are the definition of what a bully is.

getting a custom build computer monday or tuesday. No plans on returning to #animeosts on rizon after that point.
that's my new years resolution.

then she goes and posts about it on FB. (i un-friended her just after this shit head's comment on irc, this is also when i left the room to avoid being attacked - and somehow this is what they think it means)

normally i'm super polite and don't post full names, but time to throw off the gloves.
M is Scsa (he wasn't there or active)

yes it's "fun" to bully ppl. shit thanks.

okay so now.. [info]beulah_page  you will now have the task of keeping me up-to-date on ppl worth my time, like Dray. whom i spoke to in PM and said he had a new job at a call centre. ^^

I also xmas next addy lists etc, only i'll just send out to ppl i know return the fav this time >____<
oh also if you see kai at some point say hi for me! ^^

also i ttly feel sick. this sucks... Happy 2011!
great start.

edit: oops missed on of scsa's comments... sorry...

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