dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

read back a few pages

i'm so far behind on all things LJ

I did mange to spot Nura no Mago's OST. so yay me! LOL

I did read some really long posts (ones with lots of line breaks) but was too tired to think of good replies. I fail.
Some of you wrote long (not enough line breaks) heart felt posts, and i wanted to read them, but do to many many mental issues couldn't. I seriously can't read long posts, w/o re-reading the same line 5 times, or skipping over massive parts. I think it's a disorder. line break time

i also cannot spell big words... FF underlines them and i just correct them. usually.

track 10 on the nura no mago OST is my fav. ^___^

trying to transfer my anime image/site folders to the J drive. it's time consuming. (x___x)
Will sleep in like 20mins. if i'm lucky.
Tags: anime: nuraihyon no mago

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