dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,


got the computer last nite...

turned it on... and the monitor wouldn't work!
because why....?

well with the gfx card and all you need to use the connections on it, and not the handy colour coded blue one at the top.. only problem is... the connections on the gfx card are HDMI & DVI & DVI... while i have a VGA connection... so it's currently connected to my TV D:

so after getting a "monitor" to work..... NEXT PROBLEM!!!
I opted to installed windows 7 myself... which was supposed to be super easy
boot for disc and follow the steps yeah?


i can't get it to boot from the flipping cd/dvd drive!
i've even gone into the bios/cmos/ F flipin' 12 even and nothing. that's what i get! N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

so it's taken over my TV and cord for my blu-ray while i'm sitting here on an old keyboard and the acer that i've grow to hate over the years while a giant one is just over there and lots of fans etc etc... CRY

also using the wacom mouse as my mouse is also hooked up to the other computer.... T_______T

Tags: life

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