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good to go

okies okies okies computer seems to be good now.
that was exhausting, i must say.

lets see want nerd babble i can spew out now:

Antec Three Hundred Versatile Mini Tower
Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H Ultra Durable 3 Motherboard (which i believe is this thing)
AMD Phenom II black edition multi-core processor
Radeon HD 5750 1 GB GDDR5  GFX Card (this one maybe lol)
ASUS DRW-24B1ST Black SATA 24X DVD-Writer 24xDVD+R/-R 24xDVD+/-R DL 8xDVD+RW/6xDVD-RW 48xCD-R OEM
Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
4GB RAM/Memory
500GB HDD (wanted a 1TB but they ran out T____T)

First Issue = Saturday return trip to Canada Computers
oddly enough the ASUS was the reason i couldn't instal Windows... it isn't declaring itself a "CD-ROM" which is what most do declare themselves as, so it couldn't find anything to boot from. (@______@)

Labeled: WEIRD

2nd Issue = Sunday (today) return trip to Canada Computers
LAN connection wouldn't work, i mean it would, there was a light and everything but no internet connection. You'd click on the troubleshoot thing it would take you to the device and say it was detected, but needed a driver. so you would try to instal one and then it would say there was now adapter... infinite loop ensued. Issue - the BIOS setting for the LAN was disabled.

Labeled: WEIRD

good to go now. wish me luck! lol

got PS CS5 installed 64-bit
Dreamweaver CS4 is back on.. had more issues with this one than Photoshop, but i need both.

I'l try to take a DigiPic the tower, of which I've named: 'REIGA'
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