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i took a picture

i've moved the usb hub now tho, so it's no longer sitting on top of the fan.

So this is REIGA

so like i saved my playlist so i could use it on Reiga, right?
but i completely forgot about the drive letters changing. >______<
So i'm sitting here with a fresh start playlist.

so walmart canada.... it's cool to have tv boxsets at low low LOW prices, but why can't you stock them?
I got Babylon 5 season 2 & 3 for $14.83 each
I just need season 4 now... i've been to the 3 stores in this city. white oaks had seasons 1 & 2; the big one had season 1; and clarke rd had seasons: 1, 2, & 3. I don't want season 1, i didn't like the series then. I have season 5 & the movie collection already (the original packaging)

So i've been watching season 2 of Babylon 5... it's still good. lol
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