dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

because piers anthony is too awesome

i'll quote him from his Jamboree (January) Newsletter

"Amazon seems to be removing incest-related erotica titles from their store and Kindle. That is their right. But where will it stop? Someone is bound to object to anything that is published. Censorship starts with egregious examples, then spreads as certain folk try to control the reading habits of other folk. Award winning books can get banned. It is, ultimately, a power trip by prudes. I say, if you don't like incest, don't buy or read such books; let the market decide. But don't try to tell others what they may or may not read. How far can it go? I understand that in some countries the Bible is illegal. There is, after all, incest therein."

- source: hipiers.com

.I'd like to think my brain isn't as perverse as Piers, but what he says I believe as well. Wouldn't be surprised if Piers has a few titles with incest there in either.

Also RIP John Dye (Andrew, Touched By An Angel)

EDIT: OMG Anne Francis DIED?!?!
It's like they released Forbidden Planet on Blu-ray and then... Leslie Nielsen died in November, and now Anne Francis... T________T

Warren Stevens who played 'Doc' is still alive, he's the only remaining member of the "Triad" - Captain, Commander, Doctor... gods... that sounds familiar... oh yeah! Star Trek TOS, yes Forbidden Planet came first.
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