dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

golden globes...

just found out they air tonite. so i'm looking over the noms, and naturally have seen next to none.

the animated feature cat:
toy story 3 better win considering how well it did, and still is doing.
how to train you dragon - completely ruined the book, and i will not touch it.
Despicable Me's been playing in walmart seen it came out and i must say it's the most annoying thing ever! not to mention deeply stupid.
tangled doesn't look the least bit enjoyable.
the illusionist - i've never heard of

however Ryan Gosling is nominated for lead actor \o/

tv wise - the walking dead is nominated... i watched the first ep, and liked it, but couldn't get my self to watch more lol
Hugh Laurie is nom'ed for house, shocking, right?

yeah... once again i ask... why aren't the good shows nominated? and the actors within them?

because just like anything else, it's all fixed.

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