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Biohunter, ka?

Wow it's been sometime since i watched that oav. I've got the VHS copy, so i've only seen it in english. :/ However I spotted a BT release of it, so i'm now acquiring it. Should be good, to the extend of the english verison, just tack on names like SekiToshi and Inoue Kazuhiko. Now if only someone kind person would do the same for Twilight of the Dark Master (Shihaisha no Tasogare)... OMG SekiToshi's in that one too!
Anyways of topic... Andrew Philpot. <-- This is on topic, trust me, it's one of those rare moments when i'll talk about an English Voice Actor, so listen up.

Okay so upon viewing Twilight of the Dark Master, after i bought the VHS, I looked it up on imdb.com, because that's what i used back then. Target: Shijo. Mission a success: Andrew Philpot.  Okay what else is he in? So I can stalk him.  Answer: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust as who else? D. Seek and destroy. Got myself the DVD (expensive too, told a bit of begging... lots of begging) this one doesn't have the Japanese cast tho, I think it was before they had one or something, i find it confusing really, anyways, I absolutely love it , and wouldn't want to watch it in Japanese. I also got the Ninja Scroll Movie, cuz he was in it too. >.>

Okay KKM 77 has been acquired. D/led Kyoshiro #3, even tho i told myself to wait for the sub, cuz i find it VERY confusing to watch, just can't help it. More bathing, and shower scenes too. @_@  Tell me what am i watching? Guy love this time too, tho. And more girl x girl kissing!
Cat-girl, Tarurotte. If you can watch her on Bleach (Yachiru Kusajishi), you can here too.


New mood theme... sorta.
Tags: anime: kyoshiro, seiyuu, seiyuu: inoue kazuhiko, seiyuu: konishi katsuyuki, seiyuu: narita ken, seiyuu: seki toshihiko, va: andrew philpot

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