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buying in stores

i'm finding it hard to get what i want from non-online stores. I don't remember having issues finding affordable CDs in stores. Until now.
If the music selection in stores like: futureshop or bestbuy shrinks anymore there won't be any. I can't imagine the section is bigger than 6 feet. And that's all the music: pop, rock, country, rap, soundtracks.

then on Saturday I had the bright idea to go look for a new PC game. That was stupid. I know they exist, but not in this city. Walmart had the biggest selection, altho not what i was looking for at all. Hit up future shop, best buy, EB games and walmart.

Did manage to find a Coles and bought a book though. 'The Graveyard Book' by Neil Gaiman.I figure 'Smoke & Mirrors' may be a good read as well. One story in it is based on 'The Robber Bridegroom' a grimm fairy tale.

I do recommend MirrorMask (movie) and also Stardust both of which are Gaiman works.
Then there's that ep of smallville from this season with some kind of mirror box, and it was like a complete ripoff of what the Mirror Mask was used for, only came across deeply stupid. ah well...

so back to the PC game search. Online. Amazon.ca.
Should have just looked there to begin with.
This happens to me too much.

bedtime. 4am wake up is calling.
it's also minus fucking -27c with the bloody windchill right now. Totally not expecting it to warm up before i leave in the morning either.

also prolly my fav episode of Lost girl is on right now. I prefer Kenzi in it more than any other chara, and this one is for her. mood theme image is from this ep.
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