dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

funny thing

while "paging" thru amazon.ca I saw Versus on DVD for $44.99 and thought: 'if i ever see Versus for under $25 I'd get it'
So later after changing the search topic I saw it on Blu0ray for $22.99! So i ordered it. Yay! Blu-ray for cheaper! SCORE.
Sadly i was looking for some j-horror for around $20 or maybe a manga for $11... to top off my order for free shipping at $25 at pre-ordering "Still walking" >_____>'''''

Speaking of blu-ray I DID decide on pre-ordering the "starter pack" (aka just eps 1 & 2) of Supernatural the Animation in this format.
also on the topic of this I got my NT Feb yesterday and there is a couple of pgs about it in there. I'll try to scan maybe.
Far more excitted by the Animation then the current season. I WAS very happy it was delayed til next week, still trying to decide if it's worth watching instead of Fringe at 9pm. I do get up at 4am on fridays, and i'm not too sure if i  could make it til 12am to even watch Fringe on a west chan. also it wouldn't be an HD chan T___T the only thing that peeks my interest is that there may be dragons in it... or at least the term is used. My luck they wouldn't be real dragons.
Tags: stores: amazon, tv: supernatural

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