dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

supernatural the non animation

i made the major mistake of watching SPN over Fringe on Friday.
That will not appen again.

dragons? WTF? WHERE?! ASSHOLES. This was even worse than there fail Faeries >____<
Thx for nothing. Got sorta good the last 10 mins, but once again. blah.

So as that article goes: Joshua Jackson or Jensen Ackles? Joshua Jackson naturally. Well i'd pick him even if SPN wasn't awful.
I just snagged Fringe ep 12 will watch tomorrows. AND REPENT for stupidly watching SPN. Why or how did it get so bad? However if Sebastian Roche appears again I'll watch it for him XD

first Lilith now Eve... wake me up when the crap is over please? I'm assuming 'mother of all' is Eve that is. I mean unless it's the greek mother of all monsters... which is highly unlikely.
Tags: actor: joshua jackson, actor: sebastian roche, tv: fringe, tv: supernatural

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