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what is up with this "game" thing? This isn't facebook. You wanna play games? go to FB.

I finally got my March j-mags
and for those Nura no mago keychains i got: Zen & Rikuo (i was really hoping for Gozu & Mezu tho :/ )

April anime to add to my list are:

Ao no Exorcist
april 11th
cast: Fukuyama Jun, Okumoto Nobuiko, Nakai, Kamiyan, Okki, Kakihara, Yusa, Fujiwara-san,  Hanazawa

Sket Dance
site has sounds...
apr 7th
cast: sugita, yocchin

Deadman Wonderland
apr 16th
cast: Paku, Hanazawa (she's in like everything let's hope not using her real "idiot" voice) Suwabe, Kaji

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Baku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai
apr ??
cast: Sakupyon, Irino, Kondou, Hayami Saori

C (The Money of soul and Possibility Control)
which i don't know much or anything about but, will try to keep an eye out for it anyway.

also March 14th
Hanazawa & Kakihara
there's a seiyuu vid w Kakihara *_*

Tales From Earthsea comes out March 8th in NA
I plan on getting a copy.
go the music so i'm listening to that now.
Tags: info: anime

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