dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

glued to my seat...

well i was lying on the bed, but still...

I loved the first 2 eps of Supernatural the Animation
yes, yes. I got my blu-ray yesterday and opened as soon as i got home and popped it in...
had a bit of shock when it defaulted in English dub with Japanese subs tho, however. lol

Since I had decided to watch it in Japanese as soon as a found out about it.
I actually loved Touchi Hiroki as Dean (Abel Trinity Blood), and Uchida Yuya as Sam (although i'm not that familiar with this seiyuu)

Should note that Jensen does not dub Dean; But Jared dubs Sam...

but was completely glued there.

now i'm just waiting for them to release a soundtrack that includes "Carry on my Wayward Son" by Takao Naoki, because I actually love this version.
Tags: anime: trinity blood, seiyuu: touchi hiroki, tv: supernatural

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