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well so it seems HMV Canada may become like Music World. No more.
Parent HMV UK is in so much debt that it's srsly considering selling off HMV Canada... however who would buy it?

apparently in the UK they not only have the music store but a bookstore as well.

British news reports suggest that Waterstone's founder, Tim Waterstone, and Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut are interested in the book chain. Mamut, the co-owner of Russia's Evroset cell-phone retail chain and blogging site livejournal.com, currently owns six per cent of HMV.

hey look it's talking about here...

Hilco U.K., known for targeting faltering retail chains and restructuring them, is a rumoured buyer for the Canadian stores, but Bubb said the firm wouldn't be willing to pay much.

"They just hope to do a deal and then run the business down, and then strip some cash out of it, so HMV will be lucky to get nothing for it," Bubb said.

"(HMV) may have to pay someone like Hilco some money to take it off their hands."

In a statement released Friday, the company said there is no certainty that a transaction will happen at all.

Soon all i'll have is Sunrise, and the smallest selection of CDs ever at BestBuy and FutureShop (i don't buy CDs from walmart btw)


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