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dark-alone [userpic]

Tiger & Bunny

April 19th, 2011 (11:39 am)
music: Parabelle - The Clocks | Powered by Last.fm

don't judge by it's name pls!

anyways, lolz, I pre-ordered the Blu-ray vol 1 LE w CD @CDJapan

Tiger & Bunny 1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]

used my saved up 700 points to basically cover the Shipping lol
but really 3000yen isn't that bad.

"First press edition includes a drama CD, booklet "Monthly Hero" (12p), and slip case illustrated by Masakazu Katsura."
and i love that slip case illustration. <3 Tiger <3
also there's " unreleased pilot footage and PR footage"

side note: i pre-ordered Supernatural: the Anime Series (yes that's what they're renaming it too) on amazon.ca but i can't seem to find out i\IF they are including the Japanese Audio or not. @____@ If not, i don't want it. Did i mention that Jared does do Sam's voice for all eps, but Jensen only for a select few? yes that's right. WTH Jensen?

Better in Japanese anyway mind you.

Also getting this on Blu-ray for $36ish CAD not bad, when compared to a retail of $54.97 USD. But pre-ordering is key on amazon to begin with.