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Weird Al is King

I've added "Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai" to my list of watching anime. It's pretty good for that type of series. Plus well Irino & Sakupyon. 'nuff said

been actively spamming my tweeter with 'one life to live' and 'all my children' related news & retweets while trying not to ulter many death threats to or about Brian Frons, but i'm sure karma has plans for him. Also boycotting abc and it's parent company disney. Only things i'm allowed to watch on ABC is the 3 soaps. I'm loyal. Also that's all i do watch on the shitty channel to begin with.

Hoover has pulled their ads off ABC in a boycott move to support the 2 soaps. That's pretty awesome.
Target's even added a option in their drop-dwn menu on the email comments thing: 're soaps' because of all the soap fan emails & calls they've been receiving to get their support, and make abc's pockets empty. Yes we want Frons' head.

All My Children after 41 years on air will end September of this year.
One Life to Live after 43 years on the air will end in January of 2012.

Weird Al vs Lady GaGa
Weird Al as only Weird Al can do, made a spoof of googoo's i mean gaga's 'born this way' she declined to allow him to put it on his album. following, right? so he posted it on YT, since this is the digital-age and all. Got it? Also posting on his blog about it, so naturally up in arms the clear minded individuals understod while the omg gaga's the world ppl felt the need to talk shit about Weird Al. Then miss weeps-a-lot exclaimed: 'but i never knew about the song!" thus after 'hearing it for the first time ever, cuz i never ever knew it it's possible existence' she exclaimed: ' i love it! of course he can use it!" uh yeah. not buying it. just like born this way isn't express yourself. Or Rihanna's "i'm the only girl in the world" isn't music-wised ripped off of Adam Lambert's "If I had You" Can't fool me. I know music. I can tell you what a song is by just the first few notes played. Unless it's a clone song, then i have to wait for the singer. By "clone" i mean a song with the same music. Hence my problem with these types of people that claim originally. And allow their followers to belive it. Makes me slightly sick inside. Rihanna's "SOS" is a good example of no talent at all. Like the music? Catch out Soft Cell and a little song called 'Tainted Love' or even Marilyn Mason's cover. Pls.

OMG my "T" is almost completely not visible on the keyboard. May need a new one. Not fond of acer anyway.

and now that i have Adam Lambert song in my head thanks to Rihanna's fail i may have to listen to it. Not my fav style of music by a longshot.
But Adam as a person i support.
I've also been fighting the urge to listen to Madonna lately. Specially after being disgusted by the grammy performance of GaGa's (Queen you should have copyrighted the GaGa and sued babies all of the world... yeah.. i know.)

watched ep 2 of C as well. I really like this one. is the music origianl? hell no it's Iwasaki Takuso it sounds like most of his other music, he's a composer after all. Mix of Kekkaishi (mostly sound like in first ep) and of Kuroshitsuji (added in some of that Indian-type shit that i don't like much, and by "Indian" I mean India). It's the same way that the Spiderwick Chronicles and Casper have relatively the same music, same composer. Or Pirates of the Caribbean & Blood+ >___>'''' Hans Zimmer, ya know that right?

working 3hrs on Saturday. bye-bye long weekend
time for sleep is here. needed that rant tho. it was relaxing.. and shit
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