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dark-alone [userpic]

Happy Easter!

April 22nd, 2011 (10:19 am)

mood: cold
music: Takanashi Yasuharu - Shukumei | Powered by Last.fm

Gray's vector is complete just mia at the moment. XD


Posted by: Mercy20 (mercy20)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)

Love the fact that you're still doing art. You and Di were always able to make me jealous of your talents. Keep it up :D

Posted by: dark-alone (dark_alone)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2011 08:10 pm (UTC)
Masa & Ritsu

i'd like to say i'm doing my own art but not so much.
This is a vector i did tho, but It's Gray from Fairy tail... i did pick his colourings however.

Posted by: Veritas et Aequitas (silenzii)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC)

Beautiful! Awww, you choose the blue to the shirt! <3
Happy Easter for you too.

Posted by: fuzz (bearfuzz)
Posted at: April 23rd, 2011 04:37 am (UTC)

Love his hair! Happy Easter to you, too ^ω^

Posted by: KGaara/Yuki (kawaii_gaara)
Posted at: May 2nd, 2011 12:16 am (UTC)

Uber late but pretttttttttttttty~<33333 Yaaaay Gray~ =>W<= <3333

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