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Kafka The Musical

the radio show: Kafka The Musical is.. was... gah not that great, and random and shit, and some singing which was.... x___x & @____@ & WTF?

UNITED was T_____________T
but it was good! I'd watch it again right now! if 1 - i didn't need to go to bed soon; and 2 if i wouldn't bawl watching it. Which is impossible.

I recommend UNITED however, it's based on a true story. See Munich air disaster. Although it will spoil some events that happen in the movie, but if you already know of the tragedy then it's not really a spoiler, i think. 1958 is before my time however.

David became a father the end of March to a baby girl named Olivia (Olive) seems like a popular name this year, as my cousin is thinking of that one if her baby is a girl. weird.
Tags: actor: david tennant

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