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Yaoi meme

stolen from xlumierex 

Day 1 - The first yaoi you ever read/watched.
umm don't know. I watched Ai no Kusabi waay back when ever tho, so I'll claim it as the first.

Day 2 - Favorite yaoi manga.
Totally Captivated
Hero's Heel
Loveless - i love it, but i know it's not yaoi (yet) so i had to mention it

Day 3 - Favorite animated yaoi.
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi maybe.. i dunno it's not done yet, or halfway even

Day 4 - An anime series you think should have been a yaoi.
07-Ghost... many see Frau x Teito more as brothers, but i don't >__>
Shounen Onmyouji, sengoku basara.... honestly everything almost. XD
Uraboku - i'm sorry but they managed to clip most of the cute love love scenes from the manga. :/

Day 5 - Favorite seme.
Mookyul - Totally Captivated
come to think of it... Mookyul & Ewan knew each other when they were kids... as did Masa & Ritsu maybe this is a theme...? XD

Day 6 - The reason you love yaoi.
i honestly have no idea XD

Day 7 - Your OTP.
Mookyul & Ewan

Shouji x Terumi / Terumi x Shouji - Mukizu ja Irarenee 

Yuusuke x Hikaru - Negai Kanae Tamae
- recommend the drama cds Suzumura Kenichi x Yoshino Hiroyuki, not too fond of the art in the manga.

Day 8 - Favorite love scene.
not sure... >___>''' this is a very perverted meme

Day 9 - Favorite uke.
Ritsu - i adore him

Day 10 - List the yaoi you own.
Totally Captivated complete, Close the Last Door vol 1, Hero Heel complete, How to Seduce a Vampire, Necratoholic, Vassalord 1-2, Finder 1-3, Gakuen Heaven v1, Loveless 1-8 (stupid tokyopop!); Anime wise: JR S1 (S2 is ordered), Loveless, sukisho!, gakuen heaven...

Day 11 - Favorite yaoi mangaka.
Hajin Yoo, Kouga Yun

Day 12 - Favorite yaoi voice actor.
gods i don't know... Yocchin, who does get to be a seme at least once!

Day 13 - Favorite doujinshi.
i don't have one... O__O

Day 14 - Would you be a seme or uke.
according to a quiz i took just yesterday i was 1/2 & 1/2 >________>

Day 15 - Recommend a yaoi for your f-list.
Totally Captivated?

Day 16 - Favorite opening theme song.
i can't think of anything except Kita Shuuhei's from Sekai-ichi lol

Day 17 - Favorite yaoi website.

Day 18 - A yaoi that broke your heart.
Ai no Kusubi also Let Dai... i wanted a better ending

Day 19 - Yaoi manga you think should be animated.
Totally Captivated but with a japanese cast please

Day 20 - Favorite theme. (School life, vampires, neko.. ect..)
umm apparently the 'mob' or the re-meeting of ppl u knew in HS...

Day 21 - Link to your favorite fanfiction.

Day 22 - Hardcore or softcore?
either... but it has to have a plot of some kind. i like plots.

Day 23 - Favorite type of male. (appearance)
anything? tall...

Day 24 - A yaoi that made you mad.
Let Dai... **spoilers** so won;t say.

Day 25 - Your favorite drawing style.
have to be sorta sexy, not blah. i do seem to like when they do those SDs too...

Day 26 - A yaoi you’ve been intending to read/watch.
can't think of any

Day 27 - Pick a song that best fits your favorite pairing.
no clue lol

Day 28 - Anything you want that's yaoi related.

Day 29 - A yaoi that made you happy.
Hero Heel

Day 30 - A yaoi you will always love.
Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai
totally captivated
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