dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,


has been grabbed by Sentai Filmworks.

amazon.ca has started listing angel beats for $52.49 that's way too much for me. thanks a lot.

usually i can get a head staart and pre-order things months in advance for lower prices for example Kakkaishi part 1. pre-ordered it at the low price of just $33.49, it's now listing it for $50.49. That's just for the 1st 13 eps. @_@

need to keep my eyes open for Night Raid's appearance.

Tiger & Bunny BRs to include english subs, that's a bonus. I'm just getting the first vol.
also need to look for the Gundam 00 movie appearing on amazon.ca

also need to vote for somebody tomorrow. blue, red, orange, green... hmmm BROG ... BLOG? wow look at that...
i also need to be asleep right now.

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