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Deadman Wonderland ED

finally found this...

TV Anime "Deadman Wonderland" Intro Theme: One Reason
TVアニメ『デッドマン・ワンダーランド』オープニング主題歌: One Reason/ DWB feat.fade

1. One Reason
2. From the Heart
3. One Reason - Instrumental
4. From the Heart - Instrumental

A big thanks to [lomo] for sharing this one. pw is crow I figure Iomo deserves a pw on this one. :D
no scans | includes txt files for the lyrics of the 2 songs.

I'm completely in love with One Reason. Not completely sure why however. lol


I was watching ep 4 and thought (as Ganta was struggling with his SuperBloodPowers): 'don't they train these ppl?' *a small amount of time passes* . . . . to be killers? >__________>''''''

managed to find some more fade albums, i'll share them later. promise.
Tags: anime: deadman, music: fade

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