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Tiger & Bunny music

Nipponsei has released their OP & ED Singles so I uploaded them to MediaFire.

OP Single - Orion wo Nazoru [UNISON SQUARE GARDEN]

1. Orion no Nazoru
2. Boku wa Kimi ni Nari tai
3. UNO Story
4. over driver
5. Kara Kuri Karu Kare (Live)

320kbps -No Scans


ED Single - Hoshi no Sumika [Aibouzu]

1. Hoshi no Sumika
2. Hana no na ha Nanohana

Scans | 320kbps


Also Nipponsei's CORE PRIDE which includes the tv size here. Also includes Scans, which is better than my previous upload.
but here's the song solo if want that instead.
Tags: anime: ao no exorcist, anime: tiger n bunny, music: uverworld

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