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well Canada Post is set to strike Thursday @ 11:59pm
What does that mean for me? well currently there are 2 CDJapan packages in the mail for me.... which i will not be getting until the strike ends. -___-

in other news i've pre-ordered Kekkaishi Set 2 @ amazon.ca for $33.99 before it spikes to over $40, like they did with Set 1.
wanted to get angel beats on blu-ray but i'm not paying $60+ for it, nor $50+ for the DVD. Sad day that price range was.

Preordered Kobato. collection 1, Tales of the Abyss pt 1, Night Raid on Blu-ray $47ish (now listing at $62), GANTZ (movie) Blu-ray, Gundam 00 movie blu-ray, & Supernatural the Animation err the anime series blu-ray

With supernatural i pre-ordered it when it was only $36.37, it's now listing at $48.06, and i'm guaranteed the lowest price, so yay!

Ono Dai-chan's chara appeared in Deadman Wonderland finally. yay!
Ao no exorcist Okki is evil. Shock! no, not really he's too often evil. CAN'T stand Shiemi and Hanazawa Kana is in too much this season, including Deadman Wonderland. So please less focus on Shiemi and more on the boys: Rin, Ryuji, Sima, Miwa, Yukio, Mephisto...

Got my Parabelle Acoustic CD on Friday. It's awesome! The boys even Made a DVD of them performing the songs on the CD. They even did a commentary for it... which they recorded in a bathroom of a hotel (on a week long tour).
Don't worry if you've not heard of them, they do not belong to a record label so it's not surprising. However Canadians (and some others perhaps) may have heard of the band Evans Blue, the lead singer of Parabelle used to be their singer... until they got rid of him. assholes
Evans Blue now sucks. I tried their 2009 album it was horrid, as i knew it would be. By this release was made for the fans and we love it!

PS: is it bedtime yet? *up since 4am*

also it feels like tuesday... because i worked on sunday D:
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