dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

ugh amazon!

so i got my order which should have included:

All Dogs Go To Heaven (Blu-ray) <-- i love this show
Erementar gerad vol 7
X-Men trilogy [blu-ray]

what i got was:
All Dogs Go To Heaven (Blu-ray)
Erementar gerad vol 7
X-Men trilogy DVD

*shakes head*

Hell no thank you I do not want DVDs! I have all 3 x-men movies on DVD already! This was meant as an upgrade and the price was awesome too! Clearly it was just too good to be true. I've contacted them about this.

The page for the product now states: 
"Item Under Review

This item is currently unavailable from Amazon.ca because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here. (Thanks for the tip!)

We're working to fix the problem as quickly as possible."

How about falsely advertizing it as Blu-ray?
Even the pic is for the blu-ray... RAGE

but i'll be watching All Dogs as planned at supper time. At least they sent me it on Blu-ray and Not DVD. I don't own the DVD since it was never Widescreen, just had the VHS... well actually 2. One got eaten by the VCR.... so replacement copy was needed.
Tags: movies: don bluth, stores: amazon

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