dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

yes that's right

I too am spamming my twitter babble.

Only thing is i don't tweet too often... and mostly it's anti-The house of Mouse stuff right now.
Chibi vector? It's coming along.

trying to make each standalone as much as possible. So been winging some hair XD
first time vectoring Tsukumo. I have colour associations for Shuusei, Hotsuma & Luka... maybe green for Yuki.. unsure about Tsukumo

then there's my Dad's birthday on the 9th... i have no idea what to get him. @____@
My Mom was easy she had this list of wants for Movies so i got them for her XD

Had a t-storm this morning which stopped the air purifier and promptly woke me up at just after 5am, on a day i didn't need up at 5am too >__<
went upstairs & watched a bit of the storm.. mostly heavy rain, & gusts. Didn't see any of the golf-ball sized hail and glad for it. Sorta feel like crawling back into bed XD

Got my Tiger & Bunny vol 1 LE Blu-ray yesterday. So naturally i've watched it already, and listened to the drama. Oddly the j-mag shipped the same day from CDJapan didn't come tho. Also will be interesting to see what merch viz comes up with for this series, altho aiming it at males 14-25 or something like that.
Tags: anime: tiger n bunny, anime: uraboku, chara: luka crosszeria, chara: murasame tsukumo, chara: renjou hotsuma, chara: sakurai yuki, chara: usui shusei, graphics: vector, stores: cdjapan

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