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  • Wed, 20:02: cut myself w the bread knife much like cutting 1s self with a saw i suppose
  • Wed, 20:04: 1 radio chan this morning was talking about @joshduhamel 's return to #amc it was awesome! mispronounce du Pres tho XD "du Press"
  • Wed, 20:06: a friend @ work was talkin abit about her sister & her gf, & how the gf's parents don't know she's gay, or wont allow themselves to believe
  • Wed, 20:07: they've even stated that they dont want 2 hear it. that sort of thing makes me very sad. and a bit sick inside
  • Wed, 20:08: i may need to post on LJ about this just to vent a bit. her gf's going home 2 italy for 3w solo becuz of this shit
  • Wed, 20:09: watch all of #gh and it was great! no Carly! no Sonny! could have done w/o Krissy tho
  • Wed, 20:37: a bread knife is for cutting bread, now don't be stupid. understand?
  • Thu, 00:12: RT @dcconfidential: Eva La Rue Set to Return to All My Children http://bit.ly/kQiuAP
  • Thu, 00:34: RT @Jason_CT: All the best sweet-heart. Alice is 15 & has terminal cancer. One of her wishes is to trend on Twitter. #AliceBucketList” H ...
  • Thu, 00:35: RT @SarahBeeC: For trending #alicebucketlist, if you read her actual list you will find what she really wants is people to register for ...
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