dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

As you know...

I'm not really against too much in terms of relationships or race.
I'm cool with man x man & woman x woman.... and man x woman....
You could be a purple eggplant man and i wouldn't care.

Firstly I wanted to post about a friend's sister. Wendy's sister (Laurie) is a Lesbian. She's cool with it, as is her family. It's not a big deal, right? the Sister has a GF. They live together and everything. Wendy's family is very excepting of her, and they invite them both over to family gatherings, buy her gifts etc. However the GF's family are not so excepting. She's from Italy (i know not everyone in Italy is like this)  she just left for 3 weeks to visit family in Italy. Laurie couldn't go with her. Why? Well GF's family, her Mom for example has made a comment to the GF that if she is in fact a Lesbian she doesn't want to hear it. This is a grown woman (in her 40s) afraid to come out to her family, because she knows they wouldn't except her for her. And she'd lose them. When they come to Canada to visit her, Laurie moves all her stuff into another room and pretends to be the roommate. People they this, make me sick. As a parent it's your job to except your child, to support them, to be thier for them through ups & downs. It's not a right, but a privilege.

Another thing today was in the merlin coms a user posted about some flame war of merlin's FB page about ships & race apparently somewhere. I mean there's homophobic-ness and then there is fangirls shipping impossible on air couples being there. I'm not stupid, I know there will never be an Arthur x Merlin coupled on the tv show. But the problem is... there are ppl who think they will/could couple them on the series. Don't be stupid. Everyone knows the love triangle is Arthur x Gwen x Lancealot. Time to grow up!

and yes Merlin's Gwen is black. But who really cares?

Please grow up now!

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