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dark-alone [userpic]

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June 13th, 2011 (08:09 am)

  • Sun, 13:15: Tiger's engrish is so great, that i cant speak it after him either XD
  • Sun, 20:27: watching FFVII:ACC & no #gh fans not in english, altho Steve Burton is great as Cloud most of the other cast sucks. cept SJBlum of course
  • Mon, 00:16: good god... so glad i finished that cake before the slicing off of pieces of flesh started #deadman
  • Mon, 01:24: rearranging my DVD collections. Anime included. Maybe this will equal more room for manga.
  • Mon, 01:37: OMG Kawakami Tomoko passed away! This is very sad news.
  • Mon, 01:37: RT @jlist: Japanese Voice Actress Tomoko Kawakami Passed Away http://moe.vg/jiAa55 <- in case you missed the sad news
  • Mon, 02:50: lots of tweets about movies ive never seen & never will. lol
  • Mon, 09:27: RT @robinstrasser: WATCH AMC/OLTL/GH!!
  • Mon, 09:34: my mom tried #gameofthrones & hated it. I hv no plans to even try it out. too much buzz = not that great of a show 9/10 times.
  • Mon, 09:35: RT @jannarden: and for the love of all things hocky vancouver..DO NOT vandalize your own city when you win or lose...that is just stupid...
  • Mon, 09:40: I hv never watched so much OLTL in my life. But i'm lovin' it! #oltl
  • Mon, 09:40: RT @robinstrasser: NOW more than EVER! Give YOUR SOAPS the BEST ratings possible. May I suggest PERSEVERANCE! Let the RECORD SHOW: RECOR ...