dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Canada Post Strike

Okay so like What?

Canada Post is run my well the federal government.
The Federal Government are the ones that Locked them out.

So now it's The Federal Government that is claiming they will be forcing them back to work most likely sometime this week.

Are they trying to confuse us?
Anyone with a brain knows the Postal Workers wanted to work, and would have been if they weren't locked out. So excuse me what?

that aside my j-mags have been shipped.. T_____T

CDJapan is delaying orders to Canada (which is most likely why they haven't shipped my ao no ex ost) which is fine and great you know.

Speaking of CDJapan.... I had pre-ordered this Tiger & Bunny mooklet thingy: 'TIGER & BUNNY Official Hero Book ' (here) & then just now saw this one: 'TIGER&BUNNY Official Mook HERO TV FAN 1 (Shufu to Seikatsu Seikatsu Series) ' so i added it to the previous order. No real clue about either one. both are 933yen & weigh 340g Just hoping they are in fact different ones lol

Want to pre-order the Tiger & Bunny (Hirata Hiroaki & Morita Masakazu) Chara Single CD.... just waiting a bit.

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