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dark-alone [userpic]

while waiting for my postal system to come alive once more...

i snagged from anjichan  the ao no ex ost 1

I found the track i wanted the most on this album, so i'm glad for that!
track 17: "Assiah Fantasia Second Movement Tomorrow is another day" - a good example of where this played would be during the last ep / ch 8 in the manga. Yeah it's one of those sad-ish tracks.

Sawano Hiroyuki also did the music for Sengoku Basara & Zombie Loan to name a couple (that i like).

ok now to listen to the reason of it, and ready for work.

working 11am-5pm doing "spot checks" for inventory. Unfortunately was picked this yr to be bless with inventory duty. FIrst time since starting working there -____- I basically get to count where those hired to come in and count have already counted, so i'm a recounter. Hope it's not as bad as some of the stories i've heard. *shudders* Need to eat in about an hr... out the door by 10:15.... then 6 hrs of counting... oh the joys. But i have friday off! yay !


Posted by: Angela (anjichan)
Posted at: June 23rd, 2011 10:38 pm (UTC)

I'm listening to #17 right now. So sad, but beautiful. I always get all weepy when ever their are flash backs to anything to do with Shirou~

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