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  • Wed, 12:27: I love Sawano Hiroyuki!!! *listening to ao no ex ost*
  • Wed, 12:53: ao no ex ost 1 loves 6 & 17 so far
  • Wed, 13:32: i can watch #rookieblue this week but afterwards its only via OnDemand. stupid work.
  • Wed, 13:33: actually i blame #abc / #globaltv for the 10pm time slot. i could do a 9pm one
  • Wed, 13:34: won't get to watch #oltl or #gh today working
  • Wed, 13:34: munching down cereals for my brunch
  • Wed, 13:35: or is it too early for brunch? i won't get a lunch so.. yeah... breakfast and dinner only today. and well a snack. lol 11am-5pm
  • Wed, 13:40: think i'm eating too fast *collapses*
  • Thu, 08:20: working a surprise 3hrs shift today.... afterwards i'll pop by the dollar store & look at the frames
  • Thu, 08:22: RT @anibunny: Hulu just asked me if I need a break from watching Tiger & Bunny. Whut. I'LL TELL YOU WHEN I'VE HAD ENOUGH.
  • Thu, 08:27: i'm addicted to this track: 'Assiah Fantasia Second Movement Tomorrow is another day' from ao no exorcist ost 1 by Sawano Hiroyuki
  • Thu, 08:31: ordered 'drop' yesterday on amazon.ca it has Mizushima Hiro in it. sorta makes me think of crows zero by the plot outline tho.
  • Thu, 08:34: amazon should ship it today viaUPS so i can watch friday nite! bd/dvd combo Tried watching the trailer but alias it was in english dub :/
  • Thu, 08:35: inventory yesterday... dyslexic ppl shouldn't hv to do such things. i kept miss reading the numbers '4886' to '4868' etc -___-
  • Thu, 08:53: my "friday" is missing again on Environment Canada's site. i think after yrs they could hv that fixed by now.
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