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  • Sun, 14:19: wow that was a filler for sure... ao no exorcist
  • Sun, 14:31: i would hv much rather seen ch 9 than a filler about a kraken - ao no exorcist
  • Sun, 19:23: just got 2 Olympic Canada Tees for $7.99 each + a polo for $9.99 @TheBay
  • Sun, 19:26: no that was the wrong @ how stupid of me think they'd use a short one
  • Sun, 19:26: just got 2 Olympic Canada Tees for $7.99 each + a polo for $9.99 @TheHudsonsBayCo (correction retweet)
  • Mon, 00:21: i just spent 1+hrs smudging Heisuke's face. Now to remember how to do it for his other skin parts...
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