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IT'S A GIRL ! ! !

So I don't know all the details yet but, around 4:45 am Tammi's water broke. So Jan, Helen(Tammi's mom), Tammi headed for the hospital. That's when Jan called mom to tell her to come to Mississauga, that's where they live, Mom lives in London, so that's a 2 - 3 hr drive. Mom headed into work to leave a message and set off the alarm, which was bad. She emailed me @ 5:05am to tel me that Tammi was in labour. Then around 10:15am Dad called to tell me as well, in case i didn't read my mail, which i had. Then I had to go to class, I got back around 12:30 pm and made some lunch, then at 12:45pm Mom called to announce that @ 11:36am a 9 pound, 3 ounce, 21 inch, baby girl was born. I'm not sure about the spelling but, her name is Layla. So now I'm an Aunt! I have a niece! Whose birthday falls between Christy's & Kiwi's!
Her Birth sign is Libra, her stone: Opal and her Chinese Sign is the same as mine, a Monkey!

This is it for now!
Bai Bai!

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