dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

uh.. oops...

so i confused someone with someone else. wishful thinking maybe.
Oh well forget what I said about 'that' seiyuu playing Kazuya (well he does play him),  the dead brother. But i was confusing the characters the guy i thoungt was Kazuya is Soujirou, so. Baka me.

In other news....
What? She's a Sword? She's not a human? Poor girl, i feel sorry for Kuu finding out like that, Kyoshiro should have told her at least, that baka. <-- But he's still cool! I mean it's Konishi!

I watched all of Tactics, it was great. So I'm just gonna say this now....  Miyata Kouki isn't that bad... >.> There said it.
OMG, i can't believe Suzu-chan died! I mean i found her character awfully annoying, but it was so sad!
<3 Kentarou and Haruka tho, so cute!
And i want more eps, XD

Come on SHS sub more eps of Tokyo Majin!
Tags: anime: kyoshiro, anime: tactics, seiyuu, seiyuu: konishi katsuyuki, seiyuu: miyata kouki

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