dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Liking too much this season

So I've watched 7 new shows, and I like/love them all. -_____-

Kami-sama no Memo-cho - It was a bit crazy. Random. Odd. But I think I could love this series to a point. But if more weird sister moments happen and abuse of the main boy than I may have to drop it, but not before SuzuKen song. Please!

Sacred Seven - Safe to say but my icon post I love it.  Gives me a feeling of Digimon for unknown reasons. Want to pre-order the Alma / Ruri character single. Adore Megumi-chan's singing. Waiting for Konitan's character to appear. Can't drop this one no matter what. ^___^

Uta no Prince sama - You-kyan's chara is -____- awful. That aside love everyone else. Shining was scary at first but later came to realize he's probably evil. Have a character cheat sheet in front of me. XD

Nuraihyon no Mago Senren Mekyou - Could have done w/o the chibi action and that damned bus scene. But keeping as long as there's not too much flashbacks to kiddy grades.

Natsume Yuujin-cho san - KEEPING!

Nyanpire - only 5 mins and too cute for words.

No.6 - I love it! Need to finish capping the first ep and than make icons for at least myself and found the LJ com for it. ^^

still watching:

tiger & bunny (blue rose's chara cd i don't like, hope tiger & bunny's is waaay better)
fairy tail
ao no exorcist

TV land:
Rookie Blue
Flashpoint (returns tonite!)

Lost girl will have 22 episodes for S2 ad start early September.

in other news that old forum, yes that one, started a new forum, well a few ppl from it. So i've been posting there, and yes, of course that person is a mod on it. I know right? how nice is that? So far she's ignored every post I've made, and of course attacked my liking of Nyanpire. She will never grow up. I'm just ignoring her as much as possible, and will not let her ruin my fun. ^___^ Cuz bluesnow said she missed me. XD
Tags: anime: ao no exorcist, anime: fairy tail, anime: natsume, anime: no6, anime: nuraihyon no mago, anime: sacred 7, anime: tiger n bunny, tv: lost girl, tv: rookie blue

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