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Some Scans

Natsume from PASH JUL & Animedia JUL here
Sekaiichi PASH JUL here

*note the 2 Natsume ones are in a rar file and it's huge! XD 27.25MB. All on MediaFire and stuck together as best as possible by me. With a not too much in pain hand action, which is nice.

Please do not take these scans and upload them else where.
You may use them for graphics with credit.

Comment for password. Or decode it here: first part of my username + <3 (but not heart)
My decoding is a tad too hard it would seem very nice of me. <-- so take those bolded letters and make a word out of them and add that to the first part (no spaces)
Tags: anime: natsume, anime: sekaiichi, chara: natori shuuichi, chara: natsume takashi, chara: onodera ritsu, chara: takano masamune, scans: animedia, scans: pash

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