dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Ugh it's 35c already

That's right! w the humidex it is in fact 35c at 4:30am!
Can't wait til the sun comes up.
Max temp for today (not counting the humidex) is 37c w a slight to non-existent chance of a t-storm.

In other news that forum I dropped? Well (did i talk about this already? Deja vu feeling XD ) nu forum Animetunes
I uploaded this icon for my avatar and it's auto shrinking to 90x90 It makes it look like shit!
So i'm boycotting GFX until someone with half a brain can fix it. And not just right click and say: 'it's 100x100 for me" -_____________-
Also unless someone else starts posting, I'll continue to post solo. How is that different than AOST? It's not. Shock.

Saito-sama (that's me) is the top spammer. But it's like no one else wants to post. Should just stick to LJ. More people here like what I like anyway. For example No.6

Now to ready for work.

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