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dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

It Came! So..

Original Soundtrack Blue Exorcist 1 / Sawano Hiroyuki

Track Listing:

Exorcist Concerto
1. First Movement : Me & Creed
2. Second Movement : X
3. Third Movement : U & Cloud
4. Fourth Movement : D+T

Symphonic Suite DEVIL
5. First Movement : D-Evil
6. Second Movement : i-AM
7. Third Movement : eXORCiST
8. Fourth Movement : sA†An

AOE Suite
9. First Movement : My☆
10. Second Movement : 5P+3P
11. Third Movement : i9
12. Forth Movement : AI

Symphonic Poem GeHeNa
13. First Movement : Mephistopheles
14. Second Movement : A-maimon
15. Third Movement : Hobgoblin→MASHOU

Assiah Fantasia
16. First Movement : Call me later
17. Second Movement : Tomorrow is Another Day
18. Third Movement : die Himmlische Musik

Release Date: 2011/06/22
Where to Buy: CDJapan

320kbps w/o booklet (just cover & Tarot card) [150.68MB]
Includes Lyrics (odt file)


Personal Rip - no re-share -
Tags: anime: ao no exorcist, music: sawano hiroyuki

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