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  • Sun, 11:08: If Tamara Braun can return as RealCarly and the current one goes away I won't be upset. #gh won't b as good as #oltl tho so sorry you fail.
  • Sun, 11:13: i love RH but sick of Liz and the sickass fans of Liz and Jason. well any soap couple fan makes me sick. They ARE NOT REAL. #gh
  • Sun, 11:52: what did they do for this ep? AoEx I mean wth is this shit? Where's my tail comment and all the really good stuff? just filler bits
  • Sun, 11:53: i have rage for this ep of AoEx It failed in so many ways Should have been more Mephisto less kids.
  • Sun, 12:05: working today! 11-5. there goes my day. -___-
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