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dark-alone [userpic]

Name correction

October 13th, 2004 (09:36 am)

mood: exhausted
music: Rock 95, Barrie's Rock

She's so cute!
Leila Marie-Anne Maw!
Stopped by to visit/see da baby on Monday while on route back to Barrie. Their place was so warm! The Mid Wives are nuts! 1 says they are cooking the baby, while another says it's too cold! During the labour they gave Tammi a Coke to drink, to give her engery??? How-- Odd.
She (Tammi) also bite her mom (Helen's) hand and Jan's. She was gonna bite Jan's shoulder, but he said: 'Tammi, don't bite.' They then gave her something to bite down on.

Missed/Forgot about Rob & Josie's Anniversity.. their 1st wedding Ani! October 10th! So after doing the math, in 2 months it's Jammi's 1st wedding ani! (Jammi = Jan & Tammi)

Now I must go prepare for a long day at school. *sigh* 1st I must buying some money cards, get out some money, then go to a meeting, then class, then another meeting to get help with my sculpture (12:30), then hopefully get a break to eat something, then from 4-7 i'm gonna be it the Print roon working on my prints... yay, what fun!

bai bai