dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

the dependance on wiki and believing it 100% of truth

I realize youth of today think wiki is fact and total truth and what is there should be followed by the letter but--

Supersitions and Ghosts are not the same thing.
I'm sorry if you don't agree. But they are not the same.

If you choose to not belieive in ghosts fine, but don't go saying that it's the same.
Now if a ghost came up to me, stepped on a crack and it broke my back, I'd believe it. But only then. Excuse me, like WTF? What has happened to the world? Where was I when all this stupidity appeared? As if it wasn't bad enoguh. It just got 2000% worse. *sighs*

this is like finding out that there's a music genre refered to as "Drums 'n Bass" @__________________@
I'm sorry but.. no. That's not a genre that's instruments. srsly. what is gonna become of this world when we go post apocalyptic? OMG no computers!!! will they all die from withdrawal? Will they be able to live w/o wiki? Oh so many questions.

I expect to be dead before this happens. But then I don't live on YT and Wiki. Or FB. Or mal... if mal went away I'd be okay. (I'd be sorta happy to KO that sebastian club that stole my wallpaper) Many wouldn't. That's kinda sad. If twitter died Bieber's 12mil followers would jump off bridges. You know they would. and yes 'congrats justin' was trending earlier. x__x

peace. i'm tired. and it's the weekend. that makes me happy at least.
Tags: rant

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